Mobile Shower Unit
Mobile Care Unit

For homeless members of our community, it is often difficult to access the facilities needed for basic hygiene.  In turn, this makes other aspects of life more difficult, as well.  BCS’s Mobile Shower Unit – starting later this year – provides hot showers, peer counseling, access to resources, and support with housing, mental health, and employment.

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What is the Mobile Shower Unit?

The Mobile Shower Unit is a retrofitted bus that uses the municipal water supply and on-board heaters to provide two private bathrooms fully equipped with hot shower, a sink, and a toilet.

Our Story

Building on the success of Turning Point Brooklyn’s “We Care About You” shower project, and taking inspiration from the LavaMaeX in San Francisco, BCS has partnered with local manufacturers to bring the Mobile Shower Unit to life.  For more about our story, including a New York Emmy award winning short film, “The Johnny Effect”, click here.

How can I help?

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This program is made possible by the contributions of volunteers, individual donors, and our sponsors:


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