Thank a social worker

Every day, Social Workers and Human Services Employees empower, educate and elevate millions of people. 

Write a note of thanks and let them know you care.

Here at Brooklyn Community Services, Social Workers and Human Services Employees work tirelessly to ensure that Brooklyn’s families, children, and  adults get vital support and guidance. Our BCS Family is proud to have people like Shaddia and Roberta working to help Brooklynites reach their highest potential.  Many others in the field are  “on the front lines” of  homelessness, mental illness, or poverty.

Here are just some of the ways Social Workers and Human Services Employees make a difference:

They help families provide a safe and loving environment for their children

They empower adults with intellectual disabilities to reach their goals

They guide young people in making smart choices

They provide therapy for adults with mental illness

Take time today to thank a Social Worker or Human Services Employee for their dedication. 

BCS recognizes the indispensable value of Social Workers and Human Services Employees. Join us. Your words will help raise awareness about the dedicated work of Human Service Employees and Social Workers.

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