Family Services

Studies show that children who experience family stress and instability in the home can suffer from poorer health and cognitive development outcomes.  Working closely to address ways to strengthen the family can help set up children for success and benefit families and communities.

BCS family and supportive services program provides services to families that are in crisis and helps them to maintain a stable, nurturing environment for their children through structured family therapy, parenting groups, and other tools that improve their quality of life.  BCS services include parenting training, counseling and referral services so families have the tools they need to stay together and grow stronger.

East New York Family Center, North Brooklyn Family Center, and Coney Island Community Service Center

These centers serve hundreds of families who want a stable home environment as well as to gain the skills to become self-sufficient.

Our Family Therapy Approach

Common struggles facing families:

Families come to BCS with conflicts with their marriage, partnership, family members, children’s social-emotional challenges, or issues at school.  Often families are copying with trauma, illness, loss, family changes, or transitions, and disconnection and support.

Our Services:

Our range of services to support families includes: Family Therapy, Coaching and Strengthening Parenting Skills, Group Sessions with Parents, Children and Teens, Client Advocacy, and Case Management Support

We partner with families to set clear goals for change and embrace their uniqueness so they can draw from their strengths and abilities.  In family meetings, individuals experience real change rather than just talking about it.

We equip families with the support that they need to find new ways of connecting and responding to the stress around them.

Our Results:

  • Parents and caregivers are more confident and less frustrated
  • Children are happier, more respectful, and set up for success
  • Relationships within the household are community are more satisfying
  • Relationships with workers and agencies in the family’s life are more useful to them


East New York Family Center
400 Liberty Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11207

North Brooklyn Family Center
1491 Broadway Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11221
718. 622.9400

Coney Island Community Service Center
1702 Mermaid Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11224

Bay Park Family Services in Coney Island

BCS provides services to the residents including case management, job readiness and counseling. These locations also offer Family Support Services, which  include financial literacy and health and wellness programs enabling BCS clients and residents from the surrounding community to enhance children’s and family emotional, social and physical well-being.

Bay Park Family Services
3415 Neptune Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11224

Coney Island Community Service Center

In addition to a terrible loss of life, Superstorm Sandy caused hundreds of millions of dollars in personal property damage, much of it hitting New York communities that were already struggling in a tough economy.

Immediately after the storm, BCS launched relief and recovery efforts in one of the hardest hit impact zones: Coney Island.  By working in close coordination with local community groups, BCS was able to provide both immediate recovery-related support and to become a partner in long-term efforts to meet the community’s needs.

BCS Coney Island launched following extensive relief efforts and aims to expand BCS programming for children and adults in Coney Island into one of Brooklyn’s most historic communities.

  • Programs Include:
  • Case Management
  • Intensive Family Counseling Services
  • Youth Development
  • Referrals for Legal Guidance
  • Individual Relief
  • Relocation Assistance

Monday-Friday, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm


Astella Development Corporation

In Coney Island, BCS is proud to partner with Astella Development Corporation, a non-profit organization that has served the Coney Island community for over 40 years.  Astella provides affordable housing and economic development opportunities, and works to improve neighborhood quality of life.

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy in 2012, Astella reached out to invite BCS to join its effort to provide relief and recovery services to devastated Coney Island households. BCS and Astella first worked together to offer case management, workshops and cash and in-kind assistance to those who suffered storm damage, and in so doing, formed a lasting partnership. Together, BCS and Astella established a Coney Island Community Service Center at 1702 Mermaid Avenue, where both organizations now offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of area residents.

Learn More About Astella Development Corporation Here >>

Fatherhood Program

Brooklyn Community Services has partnered with the Department of Youth & Community Development to provide program and services that aim to strengthen the relationship between father and their children.

The Fatherhood Program work to reconnect fathers who are not involved in their child/children’s lives. BCS works with the father to help establish positive, healthy, and supportive relationships with their child/children. Specifically, BCS helps to address issues confronting non-custodial fathers, which could include:

  • Reconciling the roles of adolescence and fatherhood
  • Surmounting challenges of unemployment or homelessness
  • Absence due to incarceration

Specific Services Include:

  • Individual and family counseling
  • Parenting skills classes
  • Assistance with child support and arranging child visitation
  • Educational and employment counseling and referrals; HSE and ESOL referrals
  • Father-to-father mentoring
  • Family budgeting and consumer education
  • Meditation and conflict resolution training


  • This program is informed by studies that show that children with involved fathers are less likely to get into trouble at home, school, or in the neighborhood.
  • Improved academic achievement at school has been shown among adolescents.
  • Children with involved fathers are more likely to exhibit self-control and pro-social behavior.


Patrick Freeman

Prospect Plaza

The Prospect Plaza Community Center in Brownsville provides holistic programming that engages the entire community. Activities and events include recreational and social programming, workforce readiness and computer lab access.

  • Partner organizations including The Changing Room, CAS Prep, and University Heights help us extend the services and events offered.
  • Case management and referrals.
  • Community space to host events and meetings.
  • A brand new playground thanks to our friends at Kaboom!
  • Holiday events and recreational activities for kids.

We also provide computer based high school equivalency (HSE) testing weekly. Please contact Pam Guigly to register: 718-643-9039 Ext: 5733| or

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