Workforce Development


BCS provides vocational evaluation, employment training and career development services for people with intellectual disabilities, as well as programs to ensure that such persons can live fulfilling and productive lives in our community.


Vocational Evaluation

The starting point for career planning is a vocational evaluation. Participants engage in vocational assessment activities to identify their interests, skills, work personality, and aptitudes. Our professional evaluators provide valuable information that will help the participants in making informed educational, career, and job training choices.

Brooklyn Community Services provides the following assessment and evaluation services:

Situational Assessment Services

A situational assessment gives you an opportunity to try-out one of our six training areas to determine if its a good fit and a potential area for further training at Brooklyn Community Services.

Brooklyn Community Services can provide a situational assessment in one of the following six areas:

  • Retail Specialist (SVT)
  • Custodial Technician (SVT)
  • Food Services
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Clerical/Office Skills
  • Messenger Services

General Vocational Evaluation Services

Using hands-on work samples, computerized evaluations, and pencil and paper assessments, you can find out more about the type of work that may be of interest to you.  This assessment will take into account your work abilities, academic levels, and finding a work environment that best suits your personality.

We have other assessment tools to help you in a career and vocational decision-making process.  At the end of the evaluation, your findings will be discussed and recommendations will be made regarding additional training or employment.

To learn more, please contact:

David Cargiulo, Supervisor of Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation
T: 718-310 5804 or


Career Development

Are you looking to change careers but need help making the right choices?
Are you undecided about the type of work you would like to do?
Are you interested in going to school but not sure what field to study?
Would you like to learn about different careers?
Do you need help clarifying work goals?

If you find yourself asking these questions, then BCS Career Development Services can help.  We can give you the tools you need to make informed decisions, develop your career goals, and help make plans toward your future.  Our personalized assessments include inventories to define the type of work you like, tests to help you learn about the best job match for your personality, and resources to help you choose an appropriate college or career track.

To set up an appointment with a career counselor contact:

David Cargiulo at


Employment Training and Placement

BCS offers a range of vocational training and job placement programs to meet the diverse needs of clients with  intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and mental illness. Those ready for work are helped to find jobs, others receive basic vocational training, coaching, and support as they transition to employment, and those with very challenging disabilities are placed in internships receiving specialized support where they can begin to build basic skills.

To learn more, please contact: Rose Sauls, Division Director, at 718-943-4243 or