ONE Brooklyn Community Campaign 2017

For the past three years the ONE Brooklyn Community has become an awareness movement to unite the diverse voices of the borough through volunteerism, philanthropy, and community engagement around issues of poverty in Brooklyn.

In the past ten years there has been a boom in Brooklyn. All across the media, we see reports that Brooklyn is thriving and that new skyscrapers and hot neighborhoods are now home to more and more affluent New Yorkers. But that’s not the entire story of the borough we all love. This resurgence has positioned Brooklyn as the second most expensive place to live in America after Manhattan, but at the same time, government funding for vital programs is sadly shrinking. The gap continues to widen and it has never been a more urgent time to educate and engage the broader Brooklyn community on how connecting people across economic circumstances plays a critical role in Brooklyn’s continued growth and prosperity. Today, 23% of our neighbors in Brooklyn live in poverty. That’s 600,000 people, and many are children, the elderly and people with disabilities, whose stories don’t make it into the tale of Brooklyn’s resurgence.

Joining the ONE Brooklyn Community movement means supporting the many voices and stories that make up our vibrant borough. You are helping to provide people living in undeserved neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn with BCS’s comprehensive programs and services that provide education, job training, self-sufficiency and wellness. With 23% of Brooklynites living in poverty YOUR Voice can make a difference.

Volunteer. Donate. Take Action.
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This September MTA subway riders will experience the ONE Brooklyn Community campaign on over 30 subway platforms throughout Brooklyn. The concept blends images of local tastemakers, luminaries, investors and iconic natives with the clients that BCS serves. The campaign is powered by our partner, Investors Bank. The launch of the ONE Brooklyn Community campaign includes a launch party at Events at Stone Park, mini documentary, social media, traditional media, and community outreach.

Imagery by Mark Holthusen, Art Direction by Maiysha Kai



Left: Chris Hayes, Host of All In, MSNBC
Right: Carla Hall, Co-Host of ABC’s The Chew


Left: Opal Tometi, Community Organizer, Strategist, Writer
Right: Franchesca Ramsey, Writer, Actor, Host


Left: Penel Ghartey, Student & Athlete and Georgia Becker, Student & Activist
Right: Tiq Milan, Writer & Human Rights Activist


Left: Jocelyn Cooper, Partner AFROPUNK
Right: DJ Spinna, DJ, Artist, Music Producer


Left: Nadia Lopez, Mott Hall Bridges Academy Principal & Founder
Right: Kathryn Budig, Author & Yoga Teacher


Left: Celia Rowlson-Hall, Filmmaker & Choreographer and Mia Lidofsky, Director & Writer
Right: Fifi Bell Clanton and Gwendolyn Niles, Owners of The Crabby Shack


Left: Malene Barnett, Designer at Malene B
Right: Anishka Clarke, Interior Designer at Ishka Designs Inc. and Niya Boscom, Interior Designer & Photographer


Many Voices. Many Stories. Read them below.

Hear more form our ONE Brooklyn Community Ambassadors.

For even more videos visit our YouTube Channel >> 



Jocelyn Cooper, Partner at AFROPUNK and Ambassador for BCS’s ONE Brooklyn Community Campaign, is living proof that the flavor and culture in Brooklyn can not only be preserved, but expanded and enriched as more and more Brooklynites move into the borough. Through AFROPUNK she has created more jobs, volunteer opportunities, social experiences, and affordable and accessible avenues to enriching the lives of Brooklynites while celebrating the roots of the borough.

Jocelyn Cooper also has a long history with Brooklyn and BCS dating back to her father’s commitment to the organization and Brooklyn community.

Jocelyn stands with BCS and our vision of ONE Brooklyn Community. Listen to her interview about the ONE Brooklyn Community movement on WBLS:

ONE Brooklyn Community Campaign in the News:

Through a generous gift from Investors Bank BCS launched its ONE Brooklyn Community MTA campaign for the third year running.  The public service poster campaign could be seen on 36 subway stops around the borough and featured notable and diverse Brooklynites from media, arts and entertainment, interior design, fashion, cuisine, education, and social justice activism.

Uniting with BCS to raise awareness and community engagement for the 23% of Brooklynites living in poverty, the ONE Brooklyn Community campaign Ambassadors include Chris Hayes of MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes who speaks to what’s at the heart of the campaign. “There’s an opportunity that’s afforded now for Brooklyn to unite as a borough as a singular community in which the resources, social capital and financial capital can be brought into the borough and used to help lift up everyone.”

Through the MTA campaign, interviews with ambassadors on the BCS YouTube channel, social media impact, and a campaign launch party, BCS has been asking Brooklynites to stand with us in our vision of ONE Brooklyn Community by going to to take action, where opportunities are always available to donate and volunteer.

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The 2017 ONE Brooklyn Community Campaign is Powered by:

Investors Bank

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