Gary Klinsky Children’s Centers (GKCC)

The Gary Klinsky Children’s Centers (GKCC) were founded by Steven B. Klinsky, in honor of his older brother, Gary, who passed away in 1978 at the age of 29.

GKCC provides after-school and summer programs that prepare children for middle school.  GKCC offers learning opportunities to children who attend some of New York City’s lowest performing schools. GKCC provides hands-on lessons in history, sociology, ecology, science, geography, and technology, plus focused explorations into special-interest subjects including journalism, photography, poetry, entrepreneurship, and government.

GKCC uses a Thematic Curriculum with a different theme every semester which is presented to the children through multi-sensory activities and provided in the context of academically rich lessons that are designed to provide academic enrichment in a relaxed and fun learning environment. GKCC enhances children’s reading, writing, and math skills, while helping them develop their creativity, confidence, and enthusiasm for learning. This includes an emphasis in the curriculum on Social Emotional Learning. The GKCC centers serves nearly 1,000 children, from kindergarten through 5th grade.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and educationally stimulating after-school environment for every child who seeks one.

We believe that even in the harshest neighborhoods, there are children and parents eager for more education.  Given the extra academic time and attention, these children have a greater opportunity to succeed in future academic, social, and economic endeavors.

We implement our mission by providing students with thousands of hours of personalized attention from caring and creative teachers, giving the students the benefit of a first-rate education.  The extra school hours provided by GKCC add the equivalent of three and a half years of class time for students who attend regularly during the critical years of kindergarten through fifth grade.

As a result, the children gain a lifelong love of learning; an appreciation of themselves and their community; a sense of the world’s opportunities; skills for adolescence and adulthood — all within a safe and happy environment among friends.

Our curriculum is designed to create tangible improvements in math and literacy. The Thematic Units are developed to incorporate language, math, science, drama, art, music, dance, and field trips in an atmosphere of fun and friendship so that the children want to attend.

GKCC divides the school year into two semesters (fall and spring), with each semester having a distinct theme around which the curriculum for all classes is built.

Report Card

GKCC is designed to ensure children’s enjoyment while pursuing academic rigor. Consistent and thorough evaluations are central to providing the most effective programming.  At GKCC we measure our success by assessing quantifiable and tangible results.

Teaching plans are focused on improving reading and math skills and all students are tested several times by the schools with standardized Department of Education tests and other diagnostics including:

  • The city math and reading tests in grades 3, 5, 6, 7
  • The state math and English Language Arts tests in grades 4 and 8

In general, GKCC participants performed better than other students at their own school, and in their district, in Department of Education administered state and city reading and math test scores.

GKCC parents, students, teachers, and principals consistently provide us with positive feedback.


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