BCS Career Center-Resume & Cover Letter Writing

What are employers looking for on a resume? What makes a cover letter compelling? In this workshop, hosted by sales professional Erynn Young, learn how to craft polished and compelling resumes and cover letters. 

Project Details:

  • The host, Erynn Young, is the creator of our BCS Resume and Cover Letter Workshops in the BCS Career Center. She currently works as a Sales Operations Coordinator and has been a longtime volunteer supporting graduating college students prepare for their job search. 
  • Learn about: the importance of a compelling resume and cover letter, how to build your career path, and how the BCS Career Center can help.
  • Get quick tips to make your resume and cover letter stand out
  • Q&A Session– ask questions about resumes and cover letters and learn how to sign up for a personal resume and cover letter writing session. 


Who Should Participate:

  • Anyone who has a resume/cover letter and wants to improve upon it.
  • Anyone looking to make their first resume and cover letter. 
  • Anyone interested in advancing in their career path or changing careers.