Duffield Children’s Center

About Duffield:

BCS’s Duffield Children’s Center (Fort Greene) serves 63 children and promotes literacy through reading, writing and creative arts. These activities are offered through Duffield’s free Early Learning Pre-K Program. For 20 years, Duffield has been a crucial resource for thousands of residents in Fort Greene and the surrounding area, offering affordable and educationally rich childhood education to children, ages 2-5.

These services are provided free to those eligible for subsidies,  on a sliding-scale, and private pay basis for families in the Brooklyn community. Duffield is fully licensed and accredited and great for working families. Call 718-522-5296 for more details or to take a tour.

Why Duffield Children’s Center?

Root Cause, an independent research firm based in Cambridge, MA, surveyed over 1,700 New York City child care programs and selected Duffield Children’s Center as one of the top seven.


Open 8:00 am – 6:00 pm year round (Closed 11 holidays and 12 staff development days)

Convenient location

Metrotech/Fort Greene Location with access from the following:

  • A train
  • B train
  • C Train
  • F Train
  • R Train
  • Q Train
  • 2 Train
  • 3 Train

Attractive, Safe and Fun

We offer children a welcoming environment with an enclosed outdoor space.


We have an active and involved parent association


We have access to the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum and local cultural resources which include libraries, theaters, parks, colleges and universities.

Duffield’s Top-notch Curriculum

Duffield Children’s Center utilizes the nationally recognized, evidenced-based, Creative Curriculum model, which prepares children for school.

Duffield’s early childhood education program provides a comprehensive educational experience that ensures children are prepared to succeed in school upon completion. The curriculum guides early childhood educators to encourage in fostering language development and social, emotional, physical, cognitive growth in each child.

Duffield’s literacy and arts initiatives gives children the opportunity to own their creativity and use stories, music, dance, and drama to explore history, science, society and culture.

The Duffield Team:

Duffield’s teachers and volunteers create a positive, supportive environment where children feel accepted and ready to learn. .

Duffield’s caring and nurturing staff includes:

  • Highly skilled and committed teachers
  • Nurse Intern
  • Social Work Intern
  • Mental Health Consultant
  • A nutritionist who plans healthy meals and snacks
  • Volunteers who provide one-on-one attention to children.


“Generations of children from working families have attended Duffield Children’s Center because it offers a premier early childhood education that prepares children to succeed in school. Parents love it because it’s safe, convenient and literacy-rich. I love it because it’s one of the City’s best early childhood centers that serves Brooklyn!”– NYC Public Advocate Letitia James


To take a tour of the school, please contact Sharon Turner at (718) 522-5296 or email sturner@wearebcs.org


Duffield Children’s Center
101 Fleet Place
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel:      (718) 522-5296
Fax:     (718) 522-5338


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