Our Cornerstone programs provide engaging, high-quality, year-round programs for adults and young people. Programs are located at four New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Community Centers in Brooklyn.  Programming includes theme-based and project-based youth activities, workforce development, community events and community building.

Cornerstone programming is driven by the needs of the local community. Youth Councils meet weekly and ensure a youth voice in selection, implementation and developments of activities.  An advisory board of community members at each location helps obtain community input and leverage local resources.

We also partner with other local organizations to provide services such as a basketball league, dance teams, and health education.


  • Seth Low Houses in Brownsville
  • Farragut Houses in Fort Greene
  • Carey Gardens in Coney Island
  • O’Dwyer Garden in Coney Island

For more information on the BCS Cornerstone programs, please contact Yolanda Colon, at

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