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After being unable to pay her landlord the increase he proposed and not having family to lean on economically, Milagros lost her home in Queens and was referred to our Transitional Living Community (TLC.) The TLC program supports women temporarily living in the shelter system on their quest to secure housing. At TLC, Milagros was provided with the care she needed to manage her Major Depressive Disorder and PTSD stemming from traumatic events in her life.  Adding to her battle, Milagros was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in March. The diagnosis was heartbreaking, but TLC staff and clients rallied behind her in support. Even with her cancer diagnosis, she helped volunteers in TLC’s Urban Garden and attended the TLC women’s empowerment workshops.

Her ability to make a negative situation positive is inspiring to all who come in contact with her and now she has every reason to smile. She recently graduated from the TLC program, moved into a brand new apartment, and is in the remission stage of her chemotherapy. Thanks to BCS, Milagros can regain her health in her own home.


After attending three high schools in New York City the city and not finding her fit, Precious knew that if she wanted to graduate, she needed a change. That’s when her sister connected her to her to Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service (Brooklyn Leadership). It is a transfer high school for students who are overage and under credited for their grade level. Since transferring to Brooklyn Leadership, Precious is excelling in all of her courses and has even landed an internship in the front office. She finds that the smaller classroom sizes and one-on- one support from our staff have made the difference.

What Precious enjoys the most about Brooklyn Leadership is going to her documentary film class. The class gives students the freedom to produce a film on a topic that is important to them. Precious chose the topic of domestic abuse. Since October was “Domestic Violence Awareness Month”, she attended local events and panels so that her documentary can illustrate her knowledge.  After graduating from high school, Precious plans on attending college and majoring in English. She loves writing and wants to become a best-selling author.

“Dropping out doesn’t solve your problems, it only creates a bigger one,” Precious says. “Even if it takes you longer to graduate, you will feel better in the end because you went through with something and completed it.” Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service is proud to support students like Precious as they finish the academic journey that they started.


Corey Jacobs began his journey at BCS Community For All Day Habilitation program in February of 2017.The BCS Community For All Day Habilitation program caters to adults with developmental disabilities and/or intellectual delays who are on a dedicated path to establishing their independence. The program offers on-site clinical services to their clients in the areas of psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and psychosexual therapy.

Since Corey has joined, he has been able to set and achieve goals which have helped him capitalize on his independence. Corey’s mother explained the main purpose of him enrolling into BCS Community For All Day Hab was to strengthen his ability to read based on phonetics and not just memory. “My main goal was to get him to read… not to finish a novel, but to be able to travel independently and survive in this world.” Corey effortlessly travels independently from Brooklyn to Manhattan to work multiple times a week and is able to run errands for his mother when needed.

With this new found confidence, he has set fresh goals for himself such as practicing better eating habits, obtaining a driver’s license, and even living independently. His new goals are reflective of his heightened self-esteem and willingness to realize his full potential. Corey’s mother is so appreciative for Marie, Corey’s social worker, for taking such exceptional care and being so patient with Corey. Corey and his family are grateful for the BCS Community For All Day Habilitation program and considers program staff as an important part of their family.