Youth Development

According to the US Department of Labor, women over the age of 25 who have not completed high school or equivalent earn 39% less than those who received a diploma or GED, and men in the same age group earn 30% less.

BCS’s child and youth education programs support students (K-12) and give them a greater opportunity to succeed in future academic, social and economic endeavors.


Youth Stand United

Youth Stand United: Employment and Education Program [Brownsville] helps young people (16-21) with severe emotional challenges and who have experienced trauma (Example: homelessness and abuse) gain their high school equivalency degree and prepare for a career.


Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service

Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service [Clinton Hill] helps at-risk students  (16 to 21) from failing out and provides a path to a Regents Diploma and plan for post-secondary success.


Cornerstone Programs


  • Seth Low Houses in Brownsville
  • Farragut Houses in Fort Greene
  • Carey Gardens in Coney Island
  • O’Dwyer Garden in Coney Island

Cornerstone provides holistic programming that engages the entire community, but with a real youth-led focus. At four locations, the program provides youth and children with afterschool programming, middle school and teen programming, recreational and social programming, and workforce readiness training for older youth.