Workforce Development

Nationally, unemployment for qualified people with disabilities is nearly twice (14.2%) the national rate of 7.6%.

BCS provides vocational evaluation, employment training and career development services for people with developmental disabilities, as well as programs to ensure that such persons can live fulfilling and productive lives in our community.


Vocational Evaluation

The starting point for career planning is a vocational evaluation. Participants engage in vocational assessment activities to identify their interests, skills, work personality, and aptitudes. Our professional evaluators provide valuable information that will help the participants in making informed educational, career, and job training choices.

Brooklyn Community Services provides the following assessment and evaluation services:

Situational Assessment Services

A situational assessment gives you an opportunity to try-out one of our six training areas to determine if its a good fit and a potential area for further training at Brooklyn Community Services.

Brooklyn Community Services can provide a situational assessment in one of the following six areas:

  • Retail Specialist (SVT)
  • Custodial Technician (SVT)
  • Food Services
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Clerical/Office Skills
  • Messenger Services

General Vocational Evaluation Services

Using hands-on work samples, computerized evaluations, and pencil and paper assessments, you can find out more about the type of work that may be of interest to you.  This assessment will take into account your work abilities, academic levels, and finding a work environment that best suits your personality.

We have other assessment tools to help you in a career and vocational decision-making process.  At the end of the evaluation, your findings will be discussed and recommendations will be made regarding additional training or employment.

To learn more, please contact:

David Cargiulo, Supervisor of Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation
T: 718-310 5804 or


Career Development

Are you looking to change careers but need help making the right choices?
Are you undecided about the type of work you would like to do?
Are you interested in going to school but not sure what field to study?
Would you like to learn about different careers?
Do you need help clarifying work goals?

If you find yourself asking these questions, then BCS Career Development Services can help.  We can give you the tools you need to make informed decisions, develop your career goals, and help make plans toward your future.  Our personalized assessments include inventories to define the type of work you like, tests to help you learn about the best job match for your personality, and resources to help you choose an appropriate college or career track.

To set up an appointment with a career counselor contact:

David Cargiulo at


Employment Training and Placement

BCS offers a range of vocational training and job placement programs to meet the diverse needs of clients with  intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and mental illness. Those ready for work are helped to find jobs, others receive basic vocational training, coaching, and support as they transition to employment, and those with very challenging disabilities are placed in internships receiving specialized support where they can begin to build basic skills.

To learn more, please contact: Damion Samuels, Division Director, Workforce Development
at 718-310-5796 or



“We Are Partners in Production”

For over 50 years Brooklyn Community Service has provided subcontract assembly services to entrepreneurs, retailers, designers, and manufacturers, fulfilling one to any number of steps in getting products to market. All of our work is done by highly motivated and skilled Adults with Disabilities. Today we call ourselves BKLYN UNLTD, a name implicit with how we view ourselves.

Why Should You Do Business with BKLYN UNLTD?

RESULTS We will get your job right and on time

COMPETITIVE PRICES  We offer competitive prices and will work with you; no matter how big or small your job is

CONVENIENCE  We can deliver to anywhere in the Tri-State area and are conveniently located in Downtown Brooklyn

COMPASSION We are a social enterprise–our work benefits the community and performs an important business function. When you do business with BKLYN UNLTD, you are helping adults with disabilities remain self-sufficient

For more information, please contact:

Coreen Aleong at or (718) 310-5763.

We can perform work at our downtown Brooklyn facility or on-site with well-supervised teams. Our objective is seamless interface to become a flexible extension of your assembly workflow. Our capabilities range from fairly intricate handwork, collation, low-tech machining to packaging and shipping. Our standards of quality, timeliness and cost efficiency are sure to match or exceed your expectations.


BKLYN UNLTD Testimonials

Dr. Miracle’s Hair Products
Sample Packs and Sample Pack Displays for a variety of products in the line

“Our former company had enjoyed a long relationship with the Brooklyn Bureau. During that time we relied heavily on the Brooklyn Bureau’s ability to fulfill a variety of needs and services. In 1998 the company was sold and everyone moved on. So when we started our new venture, the Brooklyn Bureau was one of the first resources we contacted. We are once again working with the Brooklyn Bureau and their dedicated staff and look forward to many more years of service.”

—Ollie Johnson, Dr. Miracle’s “Feel It Formula” Hair Care Products


Forum Novelties Games and Costumes
Packaging and repackaging of children’s game pieces that vastly enhanced shelf presence and branding

“Forum Novelties started working with Brooklyn Bureau about 20 years ago. We started in the basement of our house and even then we had Brooklyn Bureau do packaging for us. One of the first jobs was stuffing printed boxes with rolls of novelty toilet tissue. From there we had many other items produced for us. BBCS is our top shop for production because they are always able to accomplish whatever we put before them; it made for a great working relationship. Quite often we were under the gun and items needed to be rushed. In all the years there was never an issue with the final integrity of what was produced. Goods were picked up and delivered when we were told. We’ve had such success, that I’ve recommended the organization to others. They were also completely satisfied.”

—Robert Kamin, Owner, Forum Novelties


Jam Stic Graphics Printing Company
Any number of tasks from collation to boxing of playing cards to heat sealing of such—novelty-type printing that requires BKLYN UNLTD to perform one or more hand assembly steps

“You folks have given us the quality of work and service and competitive pricing we need to get our job done. We rely on the capabilities of our vendors. It’s been and still is a pleasure to work with the Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service. You’ve helped us to be a more competitive company. It’s nice to work with people you can work with. Thank you.”


Sarabeth’s Kitchen Restaurant
Gift Packaging of Granola

“Sarabeth’s Kitchen has been using the services of the Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service since 1997. We are very satisfied with the service that we have received from them throughout the years. Their work is excellent and their staff handles the business in a professional and timely manner. We have every intention of continuing our business relationship. We have also recommended them in the past and continue to do so with the highest references.”

—William J. Levine, President



Q: How do you go about pricing my job?
A: We get your materials and do a “time study” to time and assess manpower needs.

Q: Then you give me a fixed price?
A: Our pricing is based on a per-piece cost.

Q: What is that pricing based on?
A: On the time study we perform and based on the prevailing hourly rate.

Q: Why should I send my work to you?
A: The benefit we provide is in training and teaching a crew of disabled workers to do work that many laborers find menial and uninteresting. Our motivated workers are supervised at all times and gladly perform these largely hand-done services.

Q: You hire disabled workers? Can they handle my job?
A: Our workers’ disabilities vary greatly. Most of our workers have been with the Brooklyn Bureau (Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service—our parent company) for a number of years. Each is trained to do those tasks, which they are most capable and confident doing.

Q: How can I be assured of quality?
A: Samples will be provided at both the estimating stage and in the early part of a new assignment.

Q: How long will a time study take?
A: If you have all your materials ready to go—including raw components and any packing materials in which you want us to ship—a time study can be done in a day’s time. Upon approval, we can schedule your job.

Q: Will I always have to do a time study?
A: No, not if you are a returning customer—we have many—and the job is the same as one we’ve completed for you before.

Q: Do you have quality control measures?
A: Yes, senior crewmembers quality control as they are packing.

Q: What do I need to provide?
A: You are responsible for everything but the labor. Boxes, excelsior, product, labels, cord, and chain—whatever your project needs to leave our hands the way you want it.

Q: Will you help me?
A: Yes, we will help you in ascertaining what your needs are, and we will even refer you to a box resource, or a label source, for example. What we do not do is get involved in any of the ordering or financing of your “material goods”.

Q: How will I know when additional components are needed during the course of a job?
A: We will help calculate your needs and inform you when you are running low.

Q: What about shipping?
A: We can pickup and deliver as you require. There are extra charges for such. Our trucking regularly makes runs in the five boroughs of New York City, Westchester, Long Island, and New Jersey. We can also ship via UPS, DHL and FedEx.

Q: How large is your staff?
A: We consider our staff to be our managers who are employees of the Brooklyn Bureau. Our crew is a workforce—they number 116 persons currently.

Q: What is the normal turnaround time?
A: Once we have an approved sample and all of the business is taken care of (financials, materials) our normal turnaround is 24 hours or more, depending on the size of the job.

Q: Can you give me an example?
A: An eyeglass client of ours gets eyeglasses tagged with adhesive labels, a hangtag; the glasses are bagged and banded together in groups of 10. We can manage 20 thousand eyeglasses in 2-3 days.

Q: Will my deadline be met?
A: We rarely miss deadlines. Our crew is on board every day. We have long-term crewmembers who need a constant flow of assembly work. When deadlines need to be met we can flexibly manage personnel to meet your needs.

Q: I have a job that needs to be done in stages. Can you warehouse my materials between my product ship dates?
A: Yes we can, depending on the size of the job and length of time needed.

Q: Shipping: Can you drop ship to a number of venues?
A: Yes, we often do. We ship directly to retailers or stores.

Q: Is it possible to tour your facility?
A: By all means, call for an appointment. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM-4:30 PM.

Q: Is anything prohibited? What can’t you handle?

  • Jobs that entail lifting over 50 lbs. per item
  • Jobs that include harsh or flammable chemicals
  • Jobs that include highly scented items
  • Jobs that produce excessive dust
  • Jobs involving perishable foodstuff
  • Jobs with sharp objects, such as knives
  • Jobs requiring long term or high volume storage
  • Materials needing refrigeration

Q: Do you have production people on staff?
A: We have people who oversee production in-house, but our objective is first and foremost to provide work experiences for disabled, skilled workers.

Q: What if I want something done at my plant or office? Can I get help here?
A: Yes, by all means. We have been very successful placing crews on your turf for short and long periods of time. You need to call Deborah Washington at 718-310-5789 and speak with her about your specific needs.

Q: Why don’t I just get this done offshore (overseas)?
A: We have customers who have subcontracted offshore and are left with products they can’t use or can’t sell. For example, one of our customers used an offshore company to insert cord handles onto upscale over-the-shoulder shopping bags. When delivered, the knots on the bags were loose or untied and needed to be re-tied by BKLYN UNLTD. A number of our customers purchase component parts offshore and subcontract with us to assemble—they say we provide high quality work at reasonable rates. A fair amount of what we do is make-good: Repackaging or putting an added touch to a product to label correctly, to meet a legal or retailer’s requirement, or to just jazz it up.


Workforce Development Programs
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