ONE Brooklyn Community Campaign 2016

ONE Brooklyn Community is a community awareness campaign to unite the diverse voices of the borough through volunteerism, philanthropy, and community engagement around issues of poverty in Brooklyn.

In the past ten years there has been a boom in Brooklyn. All across the media, we see reports that Brooklyn is thriving and that new skyscrapers and hot neighborhoods are now home to more and more affluent New Yorkers. But that’s not the entire story of the borough we all love. This resurgence has positioned Brooklyn as the second most expensive place to live in America after Manhattan, but at the same time, government funding for vital programs is sadly shrinking. The gap continues to widen and it has never been a more urgent time to educate and engage the broader Brooklyn community on how connecting people across economic circumstances plays a critical role in Brooklyn’s continued growth and prosperity. Today, 23% of our neighbors in Brooklyn live in poverty. That’s 600,000 people, and many are children, the elderly and people with disabilities, whose stories don’t make it into the tale of Brooklyn’s resurgence.

The ONE Brooklyn Community campaign asks Brooklynites if we are better off when everyone has access to enriching services or not? Are we better when 100% of our voices are heard or not?  Are we better as 82 separate neighborhoods or as one vibrant community?

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BCS is asking you to join the ONE Brooklyn Community.  100% love Brooklyn. 23% Live in Poverty.
Let’s change the math to make ONE Brooklyn Community.

In September of 2016, hundreds of thousands of MTA subway riders are seeing the ONE Brooklyn Community campaign on over 30 subway platforms throughout Brooklyn. The concept blends images of local tastemakers, luminaries, investors and iconic natives with the clients that BCS serves. The campaign is powered by our partners at Invertors Bank. The launch was supported by a promotional blitz including a press release, a social media push, postcard distribution and a planned launch event.


Imagery by Mark Holthusen, Art Direction by Maiysha Kai


Left: Billy Magnussen, Actor
Right:Wesley Taylor, Actor/Writer/Producer



Left: Chitra Ganesh, Visual Artist
Right: Cacho Falcon, Visual Artist



Left: Jodie Patterson, CoFounder of Activist and Joe Ghartey, Entrepreneur, Education & Technology
Right: Charlotta Janssen Painter/Restaurateur/Eccentric Innkeeper and Shannon Greer, Photographer/Eccentric Innkeeper



Left: Michael Chernus, Actor and Emily Simoness, Founder & Executive Director of SPACE on Ryder Farm
Right: Will Rogers, Actor/Writer



Left: Raye 6, Singer/Songwriter/Community Activist
Center: Dannis Winston, International Bandleader/Mentor
Right: DJ Reborn, DJ/Arts Educator/Musical Director



Left: Staceyann Chin, Writer/Performance Artist/Activist with daughter Zuri
Right: Toshi Reagon, Musician/Composer/Producer/Cultural Instigator


The 2016 ONE Brooklyn Community Campaign is Powered by:

Investors Bank

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