ONE Brooklyn Community MTA Campaign Media Coverage


Through a generous gift from Investors Bank BCS launched its ONE Brooklyn Community MTA campaign for the third year running.  The public service poster campaign could be seen on 36 subway stops around the borough and featured notable and diverse Brooklynites from media, arts and entertainment, interior design, fashion, cuisine, education, and social justice activism.

Uniting with BCS to raise awareness and community engagement for the 23% of Brooklynites living in poverty, the ONE Brooklyn Community campaign Ambassadors include Chris Hayes of MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes who speaks to what’s at the heart of the campaign. “There’s an opportunity that’s afforded now for Brooklyn to unite as a borough as a singular community in which the resources, social capital and financial capital can be brought into the borough and used to help lift up everyone.”

Through the MTA campaign, interviews with ambassadors on the BCS YouTube channel, social media impact, and a campaign launch party, BCS has been asking Brooklynites to stand with us in our vision of ONE Brooklyn Community by going to to take action, where opportunities are always available to donate and volunteer.

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