Family Child Care Network

The Mission

The BCS Family Child Care Network is dedicated to providing parents with a safe, homey and educational environment for their children.

The BCS Family Child Care Network works closely with 62 child care providers licensed by the New York State Department of Health. Through our network, each child care provider has access to training and support services that translate into higher quality education for children cared for in their homes.

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The BCS Family Child Care Network believes that every child has many gifts, and are equipped to learn and achieve great things. It is also our belief that parents are an essential part in the development and educational growth of their children.

The Program

The program is carefully designed to meet the needs of children ages six weeks old to three years old.  The program is designed to foster the child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language development. We are also committed to providing a safe, nurturing and healthy environment. The program consists of three specific components that combined together, provide the safest, healthiest environment for the children:

The Child  and Adult Care Food Program
The food program is a NY State funded program that assists the provider with giving each child a balanced and healthy meal. Our program offers a morning snack, lunch and supper. Each child is introduced to whole grains, fruits, vegetables and healthy meats. This program promotes healthy eating habits in order to reduce future health risk.

NYC Children’s Service – Subsidized Child Care Services
This program allows parents to apply for a financial subsidy that helps make child care affordable for parents that are working, attending school/training program and meet  income criteria. As part of this program, the network is responsible for ensuring that providers are compliant with Department of Health licensing regulations, that each child is treated with dignity and respect and that their educational needs are being met on a daily basis. Providers are also assessed to ensure that there is no abuse, maltreatment or neglect to children placed in their care.

The Creative Curriculum
BCS Family Child Care Network utilizes the Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care and Infant, Toddlers and Two year olds to promote early childhood education. The BCS Network works with family child care providers to develop and implement lesson plans each week that meet the learning needs of each age group. Regular observation on each child’s progress is documented to assess the stages of development. This process enables providers to offer a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment in which children can learn and grow. Providers observe children in the areas of: social-emotional, physical, language, mathematics, science and technology, social studies and the arts.

Family Child Care Network
285 Myrtle Ave. (Between St. Edwards Street and North Portland Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11205
718.858.6329 tel
718.943.6955 fax

Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM (Closed 11 holiday and 6 staff development days)


Directions by Train: Take A Train to Jay Street Metro Tech –> B45 (Downtown Brooklyn-Ridgewood) bus to Myrtle Avenue and St. Edwards Street.


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2, 3, 4, 5 Trains
54 Bus to St. Edwards Street & Myrtle Avenue
62 Bus to north Portland Ave & Park Avenue


BCS Family Child Care Goals

  • Accept each child as he/she is, regardless of ethnicity or color, and take him/her as far as he/she can go educationally, emotionally and socially within the limits of his/her current development.
  • Assist each child in developing a strong self identity and confidence in his/her goal to be successful, and proud of his/her heritage and culture.
  • Provide each child with a program rich in experiences, abundant in education, health, safety and nutrition.
  • Create a home environment that is pleasant, warm, relaxed and educational.
  • Provide an atmosphere of freedom for each child to choose, explore, experiment and express his/her ideas, thoughts and feelings.
  • Encourage each child to express love, trust and respect.
  • Develop a strong parent/child/provider relationship and create opportunities for enhancing the amount and quality of family interaction in the center/provider home.
  • Improve and maintain good communication by exploring and using all available community resources.
  • Create educationally sound experiences for children in order to prepare them for a successful transition into prekindergarten.
  • Develop the whole child.
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